Our Mission

Our Focus

Simon Rogers set up Swapskills in 2001 after many years in the international banking and derivatives markets. Swapskills provides comprehensive training in financial derivatives, placing the emphasis on practical applications and the opportunity spotting. So we are great for client-facing staff or those who work in a Corporate Treasury.

The Numbers

If you want, we can go into the numbers as deeply as you like but, to be honest we think that suitability and appropriateness should be just as important as the maths. We have a variety of pricing models you can use to get familiar with swaps and options.

Our Approach

We will show you how to spot value in swaps, options and bonds intuitively. We believe that models should never replace common sense. Through a variety of case studies you will learn where the risks are and how to identify the right way to handle them. We also believe you should develop the right set of questions before you can identify the problem, so we work on developing checklists for different situations.

Why Use Swapskills?

“Participative, engaging and effective” describe Swapskills’ approach. The material is fresh, up-to-date and relevant to your specific markets. It’s all about more practice and less theory.