New Course: Interest Rate & Cross Currency Swaps

Swapskills is offering a comprehensive 2-day practical workshop, which will

  • Identify where interest rate exposure exists among both assets and liabilities;
  • Help you understand forward LIBOR and swap curves and their relationship to each other;
  • Show you how financial futures and Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs) are used to manage short term interest rate risk;
  • Explore the uses of interest rate swaps, understand their cash flow mechanics and calculate termination value intuitively;
  • See how single and cross currency basis swaps are used;
  • Show you where banks give away free money without realising it!
  • Cover full cross currency swaps with exchanges of both interest and principal;
  • See how to use basic interest rate options and explore strategies to reduce costs in a suitable and appropriate manner.

Look at the attached course prospectus for details on course content, cost and location.


Interest Rate & Cross Currency Swaps


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