Absolutely brilliant – thoroughly enjoyed taking part – inspiring.

African CorporateCourse Participant

You are the first person I have met that has made the murky world of derivatives comprehensible !

Course Participant

An excellent trainer.

Asian Commercial BankCourse Participant

Additional fun beacause of the venue.

Asian CorporateCourse Participant

For Saudi Hollandi Bank, Simon has provided a training course on derivatives for client-facing staff. This course focuses on practical applications of derivatives in real-life situations, which makes it instantly useful for anyone working in Treasury sales or Corporate Banking. Simon uses examples from his own career in derivatives marketing, which really brings the course to life. Highly recommended.

Brend van linder, ManagingDirector, Saudi Hollandi Bank

Will be very useful on a day to day basis for me.

European Global BankVP Treasury Sales

Enjoyable and informative.

European Private BankCourse Participant

Given me greater confidence to discuss risks and derivative solutions with clients.

Global Asset ManagerCourse Participant

Presenters’ pratical experience shows in the materials subjects covered.

Middle Eastern Commercial BankCourse Participant

Clearly an authority on this subject

Nordic Government InstitutionCourse Participant